Week #1: HEAVEN

Hello again human beans, this weeks song recommendation will be “HEAVEN” by Troye Sivan off of his album Blue Neighbourhood. This song is about finding self acceptance and being who you really are. Troye Sivan (being gay) has stated that he was always conflicted on his sexuality because he was also very religious. It was difficult for him to remain faithful to his religion while being a “sinner.” In addition, Troye can be seen struggling to be open about his sexuality throughout the song because he doesn’t want to destroy his reputation and his family’s love for him. My favorite line in this song, “So if I’m losing a piece of me, maybe I don’t want Heaven,” is Troye saying that he doesn’t want to go to heaven if he can’t be himself there. Another significant part of “HEAVEN” is when Troye repeats, “I’m counting to fifteen,” for the bridge. These few short lines have a double meaning. Troye has said that he came out when he was fifteen, so this song may be written in the perspective of a younger Troye waiting to tell his friends and family his sexuality. Troye has also stated that he counted when he was angry, so this may be Troye trying to calm himself when feeling conflicted about his being gay.  In the following video, Troye discusses how he built his strong self confidence and how he grew to accept himself. This self realization moved Troye to write the song “HEAVEN.” Enjoy!


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