Week #2: Ribs

Hola los seres humanos, this weeks song recommendation is “Ribs” by Lorde. This was the first song I listened to on her album, Pure Heroine, after I had heard her most popular songs “Royals” and “Team”. The song is about how growing up can be difficult because you would have more responsibilities and pressures than you did when you were young. One of my favorite parts of this song is the chorus which is a repetition of the verse that preceded it. The two verses in the song end with a line stating that growing up can be scary. When the chorus begins, Lorde begins to repeat the previous verse at a faster pace. This emphasizes how scary it is growing up because she sounds much more frantic and panicked.  In addition, in the song Lorde says, ” We can talk it so good, we can make it so divine. We can talk it good how you wish it could be all the time.” This is saying that words and imagination can be an escape from reality, as Lorde doesn’t want to accept the fact that she won’t stay young forever. In addition, by the end of the song, Lorde regrets that her childhood was coming to an end and is sad that she can’t act like a kid anymore. Re reminiscences about her youth when she could share beds with her friends and laugh until her ribs got tough. This song has extreme nostalgia in it’s meaning and although it came out in 2014, it still remaind to be one of my favorite songs in this generation of music. So, there you have my favorite song off of Lorde’s album, “Ribs.” ¡Diviértete!


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