Week #3: Alphabet Boy

Warning: This song is explicit.

Bonjour les étres humains. A new week means a new song, and this weeks song is “Alphabet Boy” by Melanie Martinez. The song is basically about Melanie telling off a boy who thought he was superior to her even though he really wasn’t. Because Melanie’s album Cry Baby has a theme focused on babies, the whole song mentions childish things such as building blocks and paper airplanes. To add on to the childish theme, Melanie has a line in the song that goes, “If you dangle that diploma and I dead you don’t be surprised.” In this line, Melanie says “I dead you” which is not grammatically correct. This, in my opinion, is intentional because Melanie is probably saying “I’ll kill you” but in a more childlike way. Using “I dead you” is sarcastic because the boy this song is about believes Melanie is not intelligent. To respond to the boy, Melanie is sarcastically saying that she is smart and she will not take the insults the Alphabet Boy has thrown at her. I believe this may be one of Melanie’s best written songs because of how the verses use alliteration in the order of “a”, “b”, “c”, and “d”. I thought it was pretty clever how she incorporated the alphabet into her song. “Alphabet Boy” was actually my least favorite song on Melanie’s debut album,  but the more I listened to it, the more I began to like it. I hope you guys like the song, “Alphabet Boy”, too! Amuse-toi bien !


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