Week #4: Sex Yeah

Ciao esseri umani. Alright, I do realize that this weeks song title may be a little bit off putting, but the song is actually one of my favorite songs by the artist who sang it. “Sex Yeah” is by Welsh and Greek artist Marina and the Diamonds and can be found off the album Electra Heart. It is about sexual oppression and how women are treated as lesser beings than men. This can be represented in the lyric, “If sex in our society (didn’t tell a girl who she should be).” Through this line, it can be seen that women are constantly being told what they should act like or what they should wear. But, the lyric doesn’t just apply to women. In the second repetition of the chorus, the same line is sung but replacing “girl” and “she” with “guy” and “he.” This  also displays how men also have gender roles saying how they should look and how to act. My favorite line in this song is “If women were religiously recognized sexually we wouldn’t have to feel the need to show our ass-ets to feel free.” In this lyric, Marina uses a play on words replacing assets with ass-ets. This is saying how women can’t be as equal to men if they aren’t sexual exploited. This lyric is also saying how women can sometimes be just viewed as objects since they are only good for sex. Well, that concludes this weeks song, “Sex Yeah.” Divertiti!


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