Week #5: Under The Water

Xin chào người bạn bè. Our song this week will be “Under The Water” by Aurora Aksnes otherwise known or stylized as AURORA. “Under The Water” used to be one of my least favorite songs on Aurora’s album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, but I gradually liked it the more I listened to it. It has now become one of my favorites on her album. This song is about death and reincarnation which intrigued me because reincarnation is something I believe in. When the song first starts off, Aurora begins by saying that she is going to jump in some waters. This implies suicide as she also says she is alone and that she will die. She sets forward an image of isolation and loneliness as she jumps into the water. But, as she jumps in, she finds herself. At this point, Aurora is in the waters, and she is “dead”. But, she is actually being cleansed. She says, “Wash away the sin. It’s where it begins.” In this line, Aurora is saying that she wants to be rid of her past, and the water represents the cleansing. Her sins are being washed away and she is reborn as an innocent being once again. The reason why this song interested me so much was mostly because of the way it sounded and it’s lyrics. Aurora probably has one of the most angelic voices I’ve heard, but she goes underrated. Her musical style is so elegant and delicate and she has more then a few amazing songs. That’s all for this weeks song, “Under the Water”. Chúc bạn vui vẻ!


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