Week #6: Mother & Father

Hello humans, I’ve gotten pretty lazy with this language thing so here we go. Our song of the week this week is “Mother & Father” by the music duo, Broods. This song is similar to a song already mentioned on this blog, “Ribs” by Lorde. Both have a theme of growing older and how scary it can be so see yourself becoming more independent. This is probably my favorite song by the Broods and one of my first songs by them as well. As the song progresses, Georgia sings about how she can see that time is passing and she is getting older. As this happens, she gains independence from her parents. Although that may seem like a good thing to some people, it can actually be quite frightening because it would mean a person would have to live and care for themselves on their own now. Life gets harder when Georgia left her mother and father, and she starts to feel lonely. She is going through a struggle of separation from the people who raised her and is confused about her future. In the bridge of the song, Georgia sings, “As faces start to fade, they’re slipping through my hands. It’s where my heart was made, and my feet will always land.” She is saying that throughout her adult life, she will meet hundreds of people, but she won’t remember them as fondly as she will remember her parents. Where her “heart was made” and where her “feet will always land” is home, a place she reminiscences about continuously. That is all for this weeks song, “Mother & Father” by the Broods. It is found on their first album entitled Evergreen. Enjoy!


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