Week #8: Gods & Monsters

Warning: This song is explicit.

Salutations blog readers, our song of the week this week is “Gods & Monsters” by Lana Del Rey. This song can be found off of her extended play Paradise and a reissued version of her first album Born to Die: The Paradise Edition. I discovered this song through my favorite TV show American Horror Story when it was covered by Jessica Lange in season four subtitled Freakshow. I would recommend this show to horror fans, but I must warn you that it is for mature audiences. Anyway, this song is about living life in Hollywood, or as referenced in the song the Garden of Evil. In the song, Lana is first presented as a pure soul that is tainted by the wicked city of Hollywood. Soon, Lana starts to be eaten up by her stardom. She says, “You got that medicine I need. Fame, liquor, love, give it to me slowly.” This indicates that Lana’s previous clean slate has been ruined by the critical and crude ways of Hollywood and she turns to alcohol and one night stands for comfort. She now believes that God is against her and envies those who have easier lives with no such obstacles. Although Lana is now experiencing many new hardships in a large city, she won’t let these bring her down. She’s now living a fast and shameless life and is enjoying it while she can. Lana also sings in her song, “‘This is Heaven what I truly want.’ It’s innocence lost, innocence lost.” This indicates that although Lana is living the sweet life, she knows that she is slowly losing her purity she once had. I believe this song is really about losing innocence and how her image has been tarnished when rising in the music industry. The Gods and Monsters are represented by celebrities and Hollywood agents. Although it may seem that they live an easy and amusing life, they too have many hardships and struggles to achieve what they have today. That is all for this song of the week, “Gods & Monsters”.  May you have the pleasure of listening to this song as I bid you farewell.


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