Week #9: Savages

Greetings, this weeks is song “Savages” by Marina and the Diamonds off of her latest album Froot. This is one of my first songs I heard from Marina and the Diamonds and remains one of my favorites. This song is all about how cruel the human race can be and the vicious acts they can carry out such as murder or rape. Throughout the song, Marina is asking questions such as, “Is it running in our blood, is it running in our veins?” In these lines, Marina is wondering if violence is genetic in humans. If this is true, it would explain why “murder lives forever and so does war.” To add on, Marina says that, “It’s survival of the fittest, rich against the poor.” In this line, Marina is saying that people who are stronger are more likely to stay alive. To expand, the people who are higher class and have more money will be more likely to “rule the world.” The poor work for the rich while the rich dominate society. In addition, Marina provides another explanation about why humans are so barbaric when she sings, “Are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?” Diamandis is stating that people aren’t killing just for no reason, they can be killing for their religion. For example, the Ku Klux Klan was an organization that only believed in white supremacy and thought Christianity was the only “right” religion. They would kill off other people who didn’t hold the same beliefs and who weren’t white or Christian. The Ku Klux Klan is a strong example of discrimination and white dominance. This group, and other hate-groups, were the basis for this song. One final crime that Diamandis mentions is not acting. She sings, “You can see it on the news, you can watch it on T.V., you can read it on your phone, you can say it’s troubling.” This line says a lot as violence is portrayed all across the media, yet not many people do anything to stop it. As a whole, this song is saying “we’re just animals still learning how to crawl.” That’s a wrap for this week’s song, “Savages”. See you next time readers, enjoy!


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