Week #10: Kids

Hello my readers, this is my first post in a  while. I have been gone due to the holidays and ongoing homework and assignments, so I’m going to try and post my song suggestion for today and three more for previous weeks. This weeks (which was supposed to be three weeks ago) song is “Kids” by MGMT. It is found off of their debut extended play Time to Pretend and their first studio album Oracular Spectacular. “Kids” can be interpreted in a couple of different ways, but the interpretation that I believe to be the most accurate is that the song is about the impact of humans on the environment. The song begins by painting a picture of youth saying, “You were a child, crawling on your knees toward it. Making mama so proud, but your voice is too loud.” This lyric already dives into the idea of humans affecting the world around them. “Your voice is too loud” indicates that humans have been demanding too much of Mother Earth. They constantly use up her resources and most of the time don’t pay her back (i.e. replanting trees/recycling). Another lyric from the song goes, “You pick the insects off plants, no time to think of consequences.” This is an even stronger hint towards the songs message. The writers are saying that people don’t think before they act and they just take and don’t give back. As the chorus kicks in, MGMT sings, “Control yourself, take only what you need from it. A family of trees wanting to be haunted.” This chorus is repeated four times throughout the entire song, which reveals how important it is for listeners to hear. MGMT is saying that people need to begin thinking about how their actions will influence their surroundings and only take what they need from the environment, not what they want. This can be pointing to hunting for sport, something done just for fun with no purpose whatsoever. In edition, the singers are saying that people don’t need to be isolated from nature, they just need to take care of it. They say the trees want to be “haunted.” In that lyric, MGMT is saying that people should spend more time outside as a “haunt” means a place where you spend as a child. All in all, this songs message is to appreciate the world and to not take everything for granted. That concludes this weeks song “Kids,” hopefully you’ll enjoy the song!


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