Week #12: quit

Week #12 now! LANY’s “quit” was the song that was meant for last weeks recommendation. It can be found off of their extended play kinda. This song is about worrying too much about the future and reminiscing on the past. The introduction to the song is quite simple but it drew me in. As the song starts out, the sounds of buttons clicking to increase the volume (on an iPhone) can be heard. This may just have been thrown in there for effect, but I believe that it is actually the narrator telling the person he is talking to to listen to him. He may be raising his voice to get the person to hear him out. The first line of the song is “Can you just stop freaking out for a second?” which may support my idea. When the pre-chorus starts, Paul sings, “Cause we could fight all day about the future, but I don’t even know where I’ll be next week. Or we can hang all day, forget the future. I’m here right now, just be here right now with me.” From these lyrics, the audience can assume Paul is talking to his girlfriend. He is telling her to stop worrying about the future and to live in the now. She spends so much time thinking what will happen the next day that her relationship with Paul starts to fade out. In the second verse, Paul sings, “You’ve been hurt, but come on, nobody’s perfect. And I’m tired of hearing how they did ya wrong. Cause I’m not them, you’re not with them, can we drop it? How good would it be if you just move on?” Here, Paul’s lover is seen thinking about the past as well. She has been hurt by others before, presumably her past boyfriends, and is scared she will be hurt by her current one. But, Paul is telling her to forget it because he will never leave her like her other lovers did. Finally, in the chorus Paul says, “Quit running away, you’re running outta room. You and I know that’s not what you wanna do. Quit running away, quit running away.” The basis of the chorus is Paul telling his girlfriend to stop pestering him about their future together, summing up the whole story of the song. That is all for this weeks (technically last weeks) song, “quit.” I hope you guys like this song!


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