Week #13: Traveling Song

And finally, Week #13! This weeks song is “Traveling Song” by Ryn Weaver off of her debut album The Fool. This song is both beautiful and meaningful as the lyrics are really nostalgic and deep. The song is about Ryn’s grandfather, and she dedicated it to him when he died in 2015. You can read more on this song and Ryn’s grandfather here. The first verse of the song is one of the best parts of the song as it uses things from the past to express Ryn’s feelings today. It goes, “Oh Father Time, that meter maid who lends one lively winking eye. We dance a borrowed jig while hiding from the fine. Oh, what I wouldn’t spend to lend you mine.” Here, Ryn is describing Father Time as someone who is cruel. The meter maid metaphor explains that meter maid are viewed as annoying petty as they give fines for incorrect parking. Ryn calls Father Time a meter maid so show how angry she is with him, taking away time she could be spending making more memories with her grandfather. But, she also says that the meter maid is winking, showing that Father Time isn’t always cruel. From this, Ryn is also saying that she is glad Father Time has given her a few years to be with her grandfather. In the next line, Ryn says that she has to pay a fine, the fine being death. She does not want to part with her grandfather just yet, so she dances around death until it can catch up to them. In the final line, Ryn knows that her grandfather will pass soon, and she would gladly give up some of her time on earth to let him live longer. The chorus then begins, talking about not knowing where the future lies. All Ryn knows is that she will die too, and “’till [she] meets [her grandfather] there, [she’s] singing a traveling song to ease the ride.” This lyric is showing Ryn’s immense pain. She misses her grandfather and cannot wait to meet him once again in Heaven, but until her time comes, she will need a distraction. The ending of the song, my personal favorite part, is when the music starts to fade, leaving only Ryn’s vocals. This is her final message to her grandfather. She is telling her listeners about how her grandfather had always pushed her to be a better person and aim for her dreams, no matter how impossible. And, that closes the song. I hope you readers enjoy this heartfelt song,“Traveling Song”. (Emotional performance of “Traveling Song”)


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