Week #14: Popular Song

Hello readers, Week #14 has arrived (which I realize is late again but finals are killer)! This weeks song is “Popular Song” by MIKA and Ariana Grande. I originally found this song off of Ariana’s debut album Yours Truly, but later found out that it was written by MIKA and included on his junior album The Origin of Love. “Popular Song” is a diss track about being unpopular and bullied in school but going on to do bigger and better things in life. In the song, MIKA and Ariana are referencing their bullies in lines such as Always on the lookout for someone to hate, pickin’ on me like a dinner plate. You hid during classes and in between ’em, dunk me in the toilets now it’s you that cleans them.” In these lines, the duo are saying that even though they had to endure all that bullying in school, they still came out of it better than the bullies themselves. They are saying that the bullies now have harder lives, such as said in the lyrics, cleaning toilets. The song also goes on to say, “Popular, I know about popular. And all that you have to do, is be true to you, that’s all you ever need to know.” In this, Ariana and MIKA are saying that popularity doesn’t matter in end. Being the prettiest or the most athletic aren’t the most important things during school. Instead of trying to rise to fame during teen years, people should learn to just be themselves. You don’t need a “fancy car” to be admired, people will love you for being you. Overall, this song was written to stop bullying and to get people to love themselves. I haven’t heard much music from MIKA, but this song is one of my favorites from Ariana’s collection of music. That’s all for this weeks song, “Popular Song”. Enjoy!


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