Week #18: Daddy Issues

Hi there, next song, Week #18. This weeks song is “Daddy Issues” by The Neighbourhood off of their most recent album Wiped Out! This song is about the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford’s, father and their relationship. In the first verse of the song, Jesse is seen having an obsession with a girl. Throughout the pre-chorus, it is revealed that they are friends and both have the same problem: daddy issues. The best line from the pre-chorus, from what I think, is, “Tell me something that I’ll forget, and you might have to tell me again.” In this line, Jesse is asking the girl to tell him a story again. I believe the story being told is one of the girl’s father. He may have been one who was abusive or terrifying, so every time she told Jesse this story, he would try to block it out. This would be the reason why she has to constantly retell him the story. During the chorus, Jesse tries to comfort the girl by saying, “And if you were my little girl, I’d do whatever I could do. I’d run away and hide with you. I know that you got daddy issues, and I do too.” In these lines, Jesse is trying to tell the girl that he will stick up for her. He is saying that if he were that girl’s father, he wouldn’t hurt her or scare her. He also says that he would run away with the girl. In this way, the two are escaping their problems. Since both have daddy issues, they share a stronger bond as people with shared problems can develop a deeper connection. One of my favorite parts of the song is the second verse which goes, “I tried to write your name in the rain, but the rain never came, so I made with the sun. The shade always comes at the worst time.” This verse is a way of saying that bad thing continue to happen. As Jesse wishes for one thing to happen, it doesn’t. And as soon as he tries to make the best of a situation, his problem worsens. And that concludes this weeks song, “Daddy Issues”. Enjoy!


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