Week #19: Shadow Preachers

Hello there and welcome to Week #19 of song recommendations. This weeks song is “Shadow Preachers” by Zella Day off of her album Kicker. This song is about a one sided relationship that is being dragged on. In the first verse of the song, Zella says, “You got those scissors from the drawer. You  never dug so deep before. If I stop trying, and we start dying, you’re cutting me out.” In these lines, Zella is using scissors as a metaphor for the reasons her and her boyfriend are falling apart. She feels as if she is being cut out of the relationship with her boyfriend. The drawer contains all the reasons that she feels unwanted and useless. Zella shows her listeners that she is the only one supporting this relationship when she says that if she stopped trying then the duo will die. But even though Zella seems to want to break up, she also loves the man. This is expanded in the chorus when she sings, “You make we wanna love, hate, cry, take, every part of you. You make me wanna scream, burn, touch, learn, every part of you.” She uses negative and positive words when singing, to show how she is in between their love. She longs for commitment, but at the same time wants to find another lover. To continue the chorus, Zella hauntingly choirs “Ooh” several times. With each note sung, she sounds more frustrated as to what to do in her situation. Her heartbreaks carries on into the second verse when she sings, “You want a minute, I’ll give you more. Maybe I don’t want you either, we’re both unsettled, nighttime creatures. Shadow preachers, nighttime creatures.” She continues to say that she is the one to carry the love since her boyfriend does not care. In addition, she reflects on what they used to do when they were in love. The two “unsettled, nighttime creatures” refer to the kids who stay up late and remain untamed and wild. This is mentioned to show how in love Zella and her man used to be until they fell out of it. “Shadow Preachers” relates to religion. The two used to worship each other and they were both drawn to each others’ shadows or flaws. That basically sums up this song, I hope you enjoy listening to this weeks recommendation, “Shadow Preachers”.


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