Week #20: drugs

Warning: This song is explicit.

Ahah yes more late posts. But here’s Week #20 after a month. This weeks song is called “drugs” by EDEN off of his sophmore album i think that you think too much of me. The song is about a broken relationship where the singer EDEN and his girlfriend both feel unhappiness in their love. The singer uses drugs as relief although it can be seen that drugs are used as a metaphor throughout the song such as “lying” and “hurting.”  In the beginning of the song, EDEN is taking drugs, most likely cigarettes because of the reference to lungs. He is taking these drugs to try and mask his disconnection from his girlfriend. When the pre-chorus starts, EDEN says, “You say, ‘You ain’t you when you’re like this. This ain’t you and you know it.’ But ain’t that just the point?” In this, he is saying that his girlfriend is always commenting on her discomfort about EDEN using drugs. She says that she doesn’t even recognize him when he is smoking or drinking, but EDEN is doing those to change his personality. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to recognize him as the man before, but as a new man. This can play into the stereotype that women like the “bad boys” and are attracted to crazier men. It can be seen that both parts of the relationship are toxic. EDEN believes the relationship is going downhill, so he continues with his drugs usage. During the chorus, EDEN sings, “And I spent too many late nights thinking a hole in the earth.” He stays up countless nights thinking about his mistakes and doing his drugs. This is literally digging him a hole into earth which means he is digging his own grave. This is due to his abuse of substance. As the song continues, EDEN proceeds to talk about his girlfriend and their bad ties. That is all for this weeks song, I hope you enjoy “drugs”! But don’t actually do drugs.


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