Week #21: Two Stars

Salutations once again readers. This is Week #21’s song recommendation. This weeks song is “Two Stars” by Chargaux off of their sophomore album Meditations of a G. Because they are not widely known, I don’t have much information about the duo. Although the two aren’t popular, I find their music to be charming. “Two Stars” is carried by only one short verse and two repeats of the same chorus, but manages to be five minutes in length. It mostly consists of the violin, xylophone, and other instrumentals playing throughout the song. Even though the song has little lyrics, it is able to entice and hit the audience because it may be relatable to many people. It is about how two people, lyrically portrayed as stars, are envious of one another despite both being amazing people. This is found in the lyrics, “Two little stars sitting right by each other. One of the stars shine brighter than the other. Both of the stars bring the world so much color. Too bad the two stars envy one another.” To add on, the verse before the chorus strikes goes, “It is after me, reality. The competition makes me want to scream. Will I be like her or will she be like me?” It can be assumed that the singer is one of the stars in the small story being told. She believes that she will always be outshined by this other star and can finally see that she is deemed unworthy. This can be seen when the singer comments that one of the stars are brighter than the other. To contrast that, the musicians sing that both of the stars bring the world color. This is showing some confidence in the first star. The two are saying that even though the star believes she is worthless, she is seen as beautiful and valuable to others. But, in the end, the two stars are both jealous of each other. With this in mind, it can be presumed that the second star also has the same thoughts the first star has about herself ot himself. That is all for this weeks song, I hope you enjoy this melancholic driven song, “Two Stars.” 


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