Week #22: Lost Cities

Next week, #22. This weeks song is “Lost Cities” by Bandshes off of their album Beautiful World. It is a folk song about a love that falling apart. It draws metaphors on cities and buildings which represent the “lost love” represented in the song. The song starts with, “Lost cities, what a pity, all those years spent building on a love so flimsy, so unreal.” In this, it shown that a relationship has sprouted, but has obviously been destroyed. As the song progresses, Bandshes sings, “adults with hearts of youth, the walls and windows echo with truth,” and, “the way a home can cry, hearing angry voices as their love dies.” These lines reveal that it was most likely deceit at play when the relationship was still alive. “Adults with hearts of youth” may be talking about cheating as the youth are depicted as people who are wild and free. Young people may be one-night stands, which can be a symbol for infidelity for the adults. “Angry voices” are arguments that kill love. This could stem from cheating and dishonesty. The chorus of the song goes, “Till death, till death, till death do we part, till death, till death of a falling love.” This is most likely referencing wedding vows which go, “Until death do you part.” This vow is a sign of fidelity and loyalty, which is something obviously not shown in this relationship. Throughout the ballad, it is obvious themes of love are present through the forms of cheating. Bandshes talks all about how a relationship crumbles as a structure will. It is inevitable for a city to be alive and thriving forever as it it is difficult for a love to be fueled forever. And that is all for this song of the week, I hope you enjoy listening to this slow song, “Lost Cities.”


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