Week #24: Setting Fires

This next weeks song is “Setting Fires” by The Chainsmokers off of their extended play Collage. It features the music duo XYLØ and it is what I believe to be some of The Chainsmokers’ best work. Now, I don’t really listen to The Chainsmokers that much, so I don’t really know too much about them. This is one song that I believe The Chainsmokers produced and wrote amazingly compared so some of their other works. But anyway, the song is about having to sacrifice yourself to save other people. The song starts with, “Down to my last match fire I’ll touch just to feel. Why’s it easier to burn than it is to heal?” In this, Paige (the singer of XYLØ) is saying that she is accustomed to feeling numb and will do anything to feel again. But, the only feeling she seems to want to experiment with is pain. But, once she begins to burn and feel the pain, she wants to be healed and not feel anything again. These two lines contrast each other as to say that feeling can sometimes be desired but should not always be sought after. This theme is portrayed in the song best through the chorus. Paige sings, “I can’t keep you from harm, but I’m set on fire to keep you warm. I can’t go on and on, setting fires to keep you warm.” In these lines, it can be seen that Paige’s lover is constantly in pain, the opposite of her. The pain he is experiencing is the cold. To battle it, Paige is setting fires to keep him warm. But, these fires are hurting her as she is also setting herself on fire to help him. The song continues into the second verse, which goes, “I’ve been looking for answers I don’t want to hear. Chest to chest with you, I’m staring into a mirror.” This verse can be interpreted as damaged love. Paige’s boyfriend might not be coming home to her because he is seeing other women. That may be why he is always “out in the cold.” But, Paige is in denial, claiming that she and her boyfriend are one in the same. It can be seen that Paige has been throwing herself into danger for someone who may not love her back. She is conveying the message that it might not always be best to sacrifice yourself for other people who don’t care. Instead, people should be looking after themselves first and foremost. That is all for this song“Setting Fires.” Hope y’all enjoy the listen.


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