Week #26: 1000x

Hi again, this weeks song will be “1000x” by Jarryd James featuring the Broods off of his album High. This song is a love ballad about one strong relationship. In the song, Jarryd sings about how inseparable his significant other and he are. He sings, “Even if I’m leaving you at the door, even when I know that you’re never lonely. Harder than imagined, harder when it’s cold,” in the first verse. In these lyrics, Jarryd is wondering if his love will be fine without him. He knows that he is only leaving for a bit, whether if it’s going to work or going out to buy groceries, but he wants to make sure his girlfriend is okay. He imagines that she might be sad and lonely when he is gone, but he knows she is stronger than that. To continue, both Jarryd and Georgia (from Broods) sings in the pre-chorus, ‘Tell me that love is enough, the seas will be parted for us.” They are now both assured that their love for their partner will last forever in a sort of cheesy way. They are both assured that they will survive as long as they have their lover beside them all their life. They also believe love is strong enough to preform sorcery such as the parting of the seas. In the chorus, the two sing in unison, “In another lifetime, I would never change my mind. I would do it again, ooh, a thousand times.” This means that throughout their lives and their reincarnations, their love will grow strong and unbreakable. They believe that even if they die, they will meet again in their next lives to begin their cycle of love again. Even if they live for a thousand years, they will still be destined for each other. Yeah I know, this song sounds a little cliche and all, but you guys should give it a listen anyway. The two singers have chemistry and their voices mix well together. A lot of love songs are the same anyway. Enjoy the listen, “1000x.”


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