Week #25: Heavy Shoulders

Hello, hello. This weeks song will by “Heavy Shoulders’ by TRACE off her her extended play Low. TRACE is one of those underground artists that have not been publicly noticed yet, so I haven’t had much luck finding information on her. Despite not being very popular, TRACE has some amazing music. “Heavy Shoulders,” for example, is a song that is a bit difficult to interpret. From what I have concluded, it is written about the regret TRACE feels after looking back on their youth. In the pre-chorus of the song, TRACE sings, “So easily distracted, seldomly in love.” These two lines describe how a young person typically acts. With so much on their mind, they have short attention spans and don’t care much about anything else other than their own lives. Because of this side effect, they don’t care typically care about love because they’re thinking of their future lives. The second verse reads, “You beg for chances, long walks and glances, my darling I can’t relate. Believe the liars, follow the crowd, and regret while we lay.” These four lines also describe the modern youths. When finally realizing that love is essential in life, TRACE begins looking for a lover. But, no one will take her hand because of her constant worrying. TRACE also portrays the youth as imitators. They often take after trends and keep up with modern society. That is why they “believe the liars” and “follow the crowd.” But, after doing these silly things, they regret their actions as keeping up with trends is pointless. In addition, the chorus states, “I don’t know if I want to move slower, cause I’ve learned and because I’m getting older. The devil spoke so I leaned a little closer. Finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders.” In this, TRACE is playing an older woman reflecting on her life. She lived her life fast and only in the moment of things, but now that she is older she wants to move slower. But, she still wants to accomplish more in life, so she longs to be able to move quickly and freely again in the fear that she will die before she lives her ideal life. The “devil” represents all the deeds she wishes to do which can be dangerous. In truth, she is tired. She compares her understanding of life to her old age. This can come back to the saying that the older one is, they wiser they are. That wraps up this weeks song, “Heavy Shoulders.” Enjoy the listen!


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