Week #29: Nosebleed

Warning: This song is explicit.

Hello readers, this weeks song will be “Nosebleed” by Phoebe Green off of her album 02:00 AM. This artist is pretty unknown, I couldn’t even find this song or album on Youtube. So, instead of having a link to Youtube in this post, it will be a link to a website with the song. But anyway, this song is about a relationship that sparks after another has ended. It is relatively short and only has two verses and one chorus at the end. The song starts, “You’re gone, and I pretend to care. But I’m already on to another and he’s sweet and kind and nothing like you.” Phoebe is talking to her past lover, telling him that she didn’t care about him and their relationship meant nothing. Continuing the first verse, Phoebe goes on to sing, “I’ll make myself into whoever he wants, whoever he wants me to be. He looks at me like I’m lovely and I’m petrified.” Phoebe has already moved on with another man and they are both in love. Whenever he looks at her, she is afraid to talk to him due to the butterflies in her stomach. But, this love seems more like infatuation. This is demonstrated in the next verse in, “I’m not lost, I’m not found, I am floating. I’d rather be able to be yours than be obsessed. I pretend like this is nothing, like he is never on my mind. But I can’t stop thinking of him before I sleep at night.” When a person is infatuated, they usually always have the person they are infatuated with on their mind. Phoebe shows these signs as she says she is obsessed and she think of the man in bed. She even ends the verse with, “Does he feel the same?” implying that the two are not in a relationship. All in all, when Phoebe is telling her past love about this “new relationship,” she is lying. This may be a sign that she is still in love with the other man. Finally, in the chorus, Phoebe sings, “I’ve never had a nosebleed so I’ve never tasted rubies.” The nosebleed may be symbolizing heartbreak and rubies represent love. Rubies are gems that are shiny and elegant, but they are also rough and hard. This shows the listeners that love is hard, and heartbreak is even harder. She is in the denial stage of heartbreak, which is what the song appears to be mainly about. Now that is all I have for this song, so I hope you enjoy the listen to “Nosebleed.”


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