Week #30: Mother Earth

Greetings again readers, this week’s song is “Mother Earth” by the artist Banks from her sophomore album The Altar. This song is about healing and helping others heal. I believe this to be one of Banks’ best works as it is powerful and can really aid the listener in a time of need. It is a very nurturing and beautiful song set with a charming guitar strumming in the background. Written in the perspective of “Mother Earth”, Banks sings, “Underwater, consuming all my kind. Destined for alterations and my mind ain’t aligned for her daughter. I know I’m Mother Earth, I see the weather.” These lyrics are saying that Banks isn’t in sync with the world and feels as she doesn’t belong. She is “consumed” with her thoughts and constantly thinks about how her life doesn’t make sense. Then, Banks goes to say that she is Mother Earth who sees all weather. The “weather” is all the negative moods and emotions that are yet to come. As Mother Earth, she is destined to take care of humanity, and with these hardships to come, she knows that it won’t be easy to do so. These lines lead to the pre-chorus which reads, “So I’m not gonna cover up the freckles on my faces, I covered all the bases.” I find this line hard hitting as Banks is talking about self love. She won’t “cover her freckles” because that’s who she is. In this, she is also teaching others to not hate themselves for their bodies because they are born like that. The “bases” she is covering are the people she’s trying to help with their self image. The chorus then goes to say, “Follow me to my bed, ‘cause every time you fall, I’ll be holdin’ your head up. And when will you get tired of feeling bad? And every time you fall, follow me.” Banks says to her “children” to follow her lead and to keep their heads up. Even with their downfalls, she knows they will arise again. With her as a support, Banks is confident that she will help her friends feel like they’re on top of the world. That concludes this week’s song, “Mother Earth.” Enjoy this gorgeous piece or art!


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