Week #26: 1000x

Hi again, this weeks song will be “1000x” by Jarryd James featuring the Broods off of his album High. This song is a love ballad about one strong relationship. In the song, Jarryd sings about how inseparable his significant other and he are. He sings, “Even if I’m leaving you at the door, even when I know that you’re never lonely. Harder than imagined, harder when it’s cold,” in the first verse. In these lyrics, Jarryd is wondering if his love will be fine without him. He knows that he is only leaving for a bit, whether if it’s going to work or going out to buy groceries, but he wants to make sure his girlfriend is okay. He imagines that she might be sad and lonely when he is gone, but he knows she is stronger than that. To continue, both Jarryd and Georgia (from Broods) sings in the pre-chorus, ‘Tell me that love is enough, the seas will be parted for us.” They are now both assured that their love for their partner will last forever in a sort of cheesy way. They are both assured that they will survive as long as they have their lover beside them all their life. They also believe love is strong enough to preform sorcery such as the parting of the seas. In the chorus, the two sing in unison, “In another lifetime, I would never change my mind. I would do it again, ooh, a thousand times.” This means that throughout their lives and their reincarnations, their love will grow strong and unbreakable. They believe that even if they die, they will meet again in their next lives to begin their cycle of love again. Even if they live for a thousand years, they will still be destined for each other. Yeah I know, this song sounds a little cliche and all, but you guys should give it a listen anyway. The two singers have chemistry and their voices mix well together. A lot of love songs are the same anyway. Enjoy the listen, “1000x.”


Week #25: Heavy Shoulders

Hello, hello. This weeks song will by “Heavy Shoulders’ by TRACE off her her extended play Low. TRACE is one of those underground artists that have not been publicly noticed yet, so I haven’t had much luck finding information on her. Despite not being very popular, TRACE has some amazing music. “Heavy Shoulders,” for example, is a song that is a bit difficult to interpret. From what I have concluded, it is written about the regret TRACE feels after looking back on their youth. In the pre-chorus of the song, TRACE sings, “So easily distracted, seldomly in love.” These two lines describe how a young person typically acts. With so much on their mind, they have short attention spans and don’t care much about anything else other than their own lives. Because of this side effect, they don’t care typically care about love because they’re thinking of their future lives. The second verse reads, “You beg for chances, long walks and glances, my darling I can’t relate. Believe the liars, follow the crowd, and regret while we lay.” These four lines also describe the modern youths. When finally realizing that love is essential in life, TRACE begins looking for a lover. But, no one will take her hand because of her constant worrying. TRACE also portrays the youth as imitators. They often take after trends and keep up with modern society. That is why they “believe the liars” and “follow the crowd.” But, after doing these silly things, they regret their actions as keeping up with trends is pointless. In addition, the chorus states, “I don’t know if I want to move slower, cause I’ve learned and because I’m getting older. The devil spoke so I leaned a little closer. Finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders.” In this, TRACE is playing an older woman reflecting on her life. She lived her life fast and only in the moment of things, but now that she is older she wants to move slower. But, she still wants to accomplish more in life, so she longs to be able to move quickly and freely again in the fear that she will die before she lives her ideal life. The “devil” represents all the deeds she wishes to do which can be dangerous. In truth, she is tired. She compares her understanding of life to her old age. This can come back to the saying that the older one is, they wiser they are. That wraps up this weeks song, “Heavy Shoulders.” Enjoy the listen!

Week #24: Setting Fires

This next weeks song is “Setting Fires” by The Chainsmokers off of their extended play Collage. It features the music duo XYLØ and it is what I believe to be some of The Chainsmokers’ best work. Now, I don’t really listen to The Chainsmokers that much, so I don’t really know too much about them. This is one song that I believe The Chainsmokers produced and wrote amazingly compared so some of their other works. But anyway, the song is about having to sacrifice yourself to save other people. The song starts with, “Down to my last match fire I’ll touch just to feel. Why’s it easier to burn than it is to heal?” In this, Paige (the singer of XYLØ) is saying that she is accustomed to feeling numb and will do anything to feel again. But, the only feeling she seems to want to experiment with is pain. But, once she begins to burn and feel the pain, she wants to be healed and not feel anything again. These two lines contrast each other as to say that feeling can sometimes be desired but should not always be sought after. This theme is portrayed in the song best through the chorus. Paige sings, “I can’t keep you from harm, but I’m set on fire to keep you warm. I can’t go on and on, setting fires to keep you warm.” In these lines, it can be seen that Paige’s lover is constantly in pain, the opposite of her. The pain he is experiencing is the cold. To battle it, Paige is setting fires to keep him warm. But, these fires are hurting her as she is also setting herself on fire to help him. The song continues into the second verse, which goes, “I’ve been looking for answers I don’t want to hear. Chest to chest with you, I’m staring into a mirror.” This verse can be interpreted as damaged love. Paige’s boyfriend might not be coming home to her because he is seeing other women. That may be why he is always “out in the cold.” But, Paige is in denial, claiming that she and her boyfriend are one in the same. It can be seen that Paige has been throwing herself into danger for someone who may not love her back. She is conveying the message that it might not always be best to sacrifice yourself for other people who don’t care. Instead, people should be looking after themselves first and foremost. That is all for this song“Setting Fires.” Hope y’all enjoy the listen.

Week #23: Supermarket Flowers

Hello and welcome to Week #23 of song suggestions. This week song is “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran off of his latest album ÷, pronounced Divide. This was the first song I heard off of his album aside from his singles Castle on the Hill and Shape of You. I believe this is one of the most beautiful songs Ed has written and recorded in his studio. The song is about Ed’s grandmother who had passed away during the making of ÷. According to Ed, the song  is written in the perspective of Ed’s mother. The first line of the song references the title and goes, “I took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill, I threw the day old tea from the cup. Packed up the photo album Matthew had made, memories of a life that’s been loved.” In these few lyrics, Ed comments on how common everyday items can outlast anyone’s lifetime, including his grandmother’s.  In the second verse of the song, Ed sings, “I fluffed the pillows, made the beds, stacked the chairs up. Folded your nightgowns neatly in a case. John says he’d drive then put his hand on my cheek and wiped a tear from the side of my face.” Ed continues his sorrow nature through these lyrics. He paints a picture of his mother cleaning up what is assumed to be Ed’s grandmother’s house. She is doing this because Ed’s grandmother will have no use for it anymore while she is in Heaven. John, Ed’s father, offers to drive Ed’s mother to the funeral as she is still in tears. Revisiting the Heaven statement, Ed talks about religion in the chorus of the song. The chorus contains some of the most delicate lyrics in the whole of the song. It goes, “So I’ll sing Hallelujah. You were an angel in the shape of my mum. When I fell down you’d be there holding me up, spread your wings as you go. When God takes you back he’ll say, ‘Hallelujah, you’re home.'” Ed is calling his grandmother an angel as he believes she was a very kind and graceful woman, one that was rid of impurities and sin. She had helped his family when they needed it as can be seen in the lyrics. He goes to say that even God is thankful for her being and welcomes her to Heaven where she belongs. And that is what concludes this weeks song, I hope you enjoy this masterpiece“Supermarket Flowers.” (Don’t cry like I almost did on the first listen)


Informational Post: The Story?

Hello readers! First of all, I would like to apologize that I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to. I’ve been pretty preoccupied with school and this project I’ve been working on with my friend. I’ve decided to share my work on here for other people to see it since I’m proud of it so far. This project is a story that my friend and I have been writing. It’s centered around a group of people who run away from home to travel to California (haha I know, it sounds cliche). I don’t really want to spoil anything, so I’ll just leave it at that. The main characters are based off of me and my friends so I have utilized their names throughout the story. Please beware that there are some triggering scenes and explicit language in the work!!! We have planned to write around forty chapters so this project may last until the next year at least. I will re-post the link every time a chapter has been uploaded, so you guys will stay updated. So far, we have written a prologue and three chapters, spanning to twenty one pages. Make sure to leave comments on the doc to help us improve and whatnot. Also, the link to our story will be on the menu screen under “Story.” Finally, I would like to say that this story will probably go through many changes as the chapters are posted. So, the chapters themselves will probably have some changes even after they’re posted. With each story update, I’ll tell you what has been changed in the previous chapters. I hope you guys enjoy reading it:


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Week #22: Lost Cities

Next week, #22. This weeks song is “Lost Cities” by Bandshes off of their album Beautiful World. It is a folk song about a love that falling apart. It draws metaphors on cities and buildings which represent the “lost love” represented in the song. The song starts with, “Lost cities, what a pity, all those years spent building on a love so flimsy, so unreal.” In this, it shown that a relationship has sprouted, but has obviously been destroyed. As the song progresses, Bandshes sings, “adults with hearts of youth, the walls and windows echo with truth,” and, “the way a home can cry, hearing angry voices as their love dies.” These lines reveal that it was most likely deceit at play when the relationship was still alive. “Adults with hearts of youth” may be talking about cheating as the youth are depicted as people who are wild and free. Young people may be one-night stands, which can be a symbol for infidelity for the adults. “Angry voices” are arguments that kill love. This could stem from cheating and dishonesty. The chorus of the song goes, “Till death, till death, till death do we part, till death, till death of a falling love.” This is most likely referencing wedding vows which go, “Until death do you part.” This vow is a sign of fidelity and loyalty, which is something obviously not shown in this relationship. Throughout the ballad, it is obvious themes of love are present through the forms of cheating. Bandshes talks all about how a relationship crumbles as a structure will. It is inevitable for a city to be alive and thriving forever as it it is difficult for a love to be fueled forever. And that is all for this song of the week, I hope you enjoy listening to this slow song, “Lost Cities.”

Week #21: Two Stars

Salutations once again readers. This is Week #21’s song recommendation. This weeks song is “Two Stars” by Chargaux off of their sophomore album Meditations of a G. Because they are not widely known, I don’t have much information about the duo. Although the two aren’t popular, I find their music to be charming. “Two Stars” is carried by only one short verse and two repeats of the same chorus, but manages to be five minutes in length. It mostly consists of the violin, xylophone, and other instrumentals playing throughout the song. Even though the song has little lyrics, it is able to entice and hit the audience because it may be relatable to many people. It is about how two people, lyrically portrayed as stars, are envious of one another despite both being amazing people. This is found in the lyrics, “Two little stars sitting right by each other. One of the stars shine brighter than the other. Both of the stars bring the world so much color. Too bad the two stars envy one another.” To add on, the verse before the chorus strikes goes, “It is after me, reality. The competition makes me want to scream. Will I be like her or will she be like me?” It can be assumed that the singer is one of the stars in the small story being told. She believes that she will always be outshined by this other star and can finally see that she is deemed unworthy. This can be seen when the singer comments that one of the stars are brighter than the other. To contrast that, the musicians sing that both of the stars bring the world color. This is showing some confidence in the first star. The two are saying that even though the star believes she is worthless, she is seen as beautiful and valuable to others. But, in the end, the two stars are both jealous of each other. With this in mind, it can be presumed that the second star also has the same thoughts the first star has about herself ot himself. That is all for this weeks song, I hope you enjoy this melancholic driven song, “Two Stars.”