Week #27: Tomppabeats (Artist)

Welcome to Week #26 of songs. This week is a bit different as the songs I’m introducing to you guys don’t have any lyrics. They are all instrumental. The artist, Tomppabeats, is also pretty unknown and under the radar much like TRACE. They use a limited amount of vocals in songs they have such as “Oooo” and they sometimes even incorporate speaking into their songs like in “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Most of their songs contain noises from every day life such as glasses clinking, doors opening, and birds tweeting. They also contain hip hop beats produced from some instruments. Their extended plays Oldies and ThrowawaysSummer Love EP, and their album Harbor have a more hip hop influence with more dance songs. Their second album, Discography 2016, has a more dreamy, slow feel. Discography 2016 is one of Tomppabeats finest works in my opinion, but my taste may be different than yours. I’ll leave several of my favorite song links below, and if you want more of a taste, then go ahead and listen to the rest of their works. Enjoy the music!

“I Sat with You with Cigarettes and Beer Looking at the Stars”

“I Stand Alone in This Empty Hall”

“Lonely Boy with a Toy Ukelele” (my personal favorite)

“Memories of Ourselves with Each Other”

“Rain Jacket over a Puddle”


“Won’t Leave You”

“Whenever It Rains, I Feel So Free”