Week #32: Idle Town

Hello and welcome to Week #32 of blog posts. This weeks song is “Idle Town”, a single by Conan Gray. I first found this song when a friend recommended it to me. It’s a song that is reminiscent of the songwriter’s hometown and the people he grew up with. Conan is a Youtuber and uses the platform to share his original and covered songs with others. Under his description for his music video for “Idle Town”, he writes, “a tribute to my senior year of highschool; for my friends, my town, my homes, and my memories.” The melody is a calming and soothing one set to nostalgic lyrics and a calming voice. To begin, Conan stars the second part of the first verse with, “I never learned anybody’s name. We all vowed that we wouldn’t stay. Kissing signs on the interstate. All we do for now is sit and wait.” In this, Conan is saying that he and his classmates all want to leave the idle town. To them, it is boring and nothing new, so they decide to leave a start a new once they finish their education. But while they wait, they try and have as much fun as they can. Conan talks a bit about teenage rebellion in “kissing signs on the interstate” as he may be alluding to vandalism. When the chorus kicks in, Conan sings, “Yeah, we invent our own little games (in our idle town). When the lights out at the stadium, hey (in our idle town) Making life a spinning arcade (in our idle town). And curfew’s at midnight, we watch the sunrise.” Conan continues to describe the various activities he and his friends do while they await for their time to leave home. They play games, live dangerously, and try to make high school a fun experience (lights out at the stadium may mean the lights at a high school stadium). He again touches on teen rebellion as he stays up until midnight instead of following curfews. In the second verse, however, Conan reverts to a more calm stage. He states, “Springtime when the air is thin, we’re getting antsy and they’re noticing. While everybody’s off partying, we’re watching stars over ice-cream.” Spring arrives just before summer when Conan will graduate. As the seasons shift, the kids in the town stir and become more impatient to leave. “They”, the adults, begin to notice that the young ones are getting excited and let them have fun. The teens are partying and getting drunk while Conan and his friends are watching the stars, thinking about the many years spent in the idle town. This calm state reveals how Conan’s emotions are starting to change. In the outro, Conan says, “Yeah I think that we’ll all be okay (in our idle town). The idle town will stay as it stays (in our idle town). And everyone I love’s in this place (in our idle town). So curfew’s at midnight, we watch the sunrise.” And with that, Conan concludes that he is fine with living in the quiet town as long as the ones he loves stay with him. And that concludes this weeks song, “Idle Town.” Enjoy this beautiful tune along with the retro themed music video.